Day Three- Melting Beliefs

Today I have lit a 5 inch white taper candle. Etched into the side of the candle is the word “fear” which is one word that ran throughout day twos task.

Fear of-

Letting go

Changing religious beliefs

Other peoples fears of the unknown

doing a ritual wrong

perhaps my fear of the unknown

Looking into the flame of the candle I can feel my feeling of fear draining from my body and mind. I know that I will be aware of this feeling throughout the year and day of study.

It is odd how a 4 letter word can cause so many feelings and emotions. But now this fear is being melted away.

I found it very enlightening to take part in this small ritual. Yes, I worried that I would do something wrong but I can honestly say that it is helping remove the fear.

The ritual has brought feelings of contentment in me. Removing this fear.

I believe that I have let go of the fear of the unknown, of doing things wrong and finding my right path.


About julieledwards

I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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