Starting out on my new path- Day One

I started on my new path last year but lost touch with where I was after Mark’s heart attack so here I go again.

I am working through the book Wicca- A year and a day 366 days of spiritual practice in the craft of the wise by Timothy Roderick and published by Llewellyn Worldwide.

It is classed as a Witchcraft/Wicca book. I have had this book for a while and it is well used and abit dog earred now. I brought it new from Amazon online as it called to me.

I spent a while reading the information in the front of the book to prepare myself for day one. Wicca/Paganism is the oldest religion in the world and it nature based.

I have always felt an infinity to nature. I always used to walk around outside barefoot and felt the energy of the earth but as a young child I did not know if this was normal.  I spent a lot of my time at the Nine Ladies circle in Derbyshire and I did feel at home there. I loved spending time in nature, climbing trees, making daisy chains, making mud pies. It just felt right to be outside.

I still do love spending time outside. I could sit for hours in the garden and just relax.

Day One on my new path does involve sitting down in nature and connecting to the earth.

I went outside today and spent what seems like hours just sitting on the grass on my back lawn, ignoring the sounds of life around me, such as the neighbours mowing their lawns, motorbikes revving up and shouting and children playing.

Closing my eyes, I followed the steps given in the book to concentrate on the feelings. No doubt my neighbours think I am abit kooky but hey ho.

It felt amazing.

There were some questions at the end of the days task and I am going to answer them on my blog. To keep a record of the sensations, feelings and emotions that it brought out in me.

I felt my connection was strong to the earth. I could feel the pulse of the earth and the roots underneath the earth. I felt warm, relaxed and comfortable. I felt a feeling of elation and my feet felt connected and light. Every bit of me felt light. I felt as one with the earth and it was an awesome feeling. On opening my eyes,everything seemed brighter. I noticed the different shades of green in the grass, the breeze blowing through the trees, the butterflies fluttering around.

I do not know why I feel this strong connection to the earth. I suspect that I have always had this connection and never done anything to look into this before or the guts or confidence. I feel slightly nauseous and a headache. I don’t know if this is connected.

I felt my connection was weak when I try to visualise in my mind the images I was expected to. Perhaps I am creating blockages myself. Perhaps I am scared to let go.

I can take action to learn how to meditate and visualise correctly and not be afraid to let go. This feels like home to me and is right and proper for me.

Day Two beckons and I cannot wait to learn more.


About julieledwards

I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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