Niagara Falls -WOW- Day One

This year for our 10th wedding anniversary my wonderful husband Mark, treated me to 10 days in Niagara Falls. Beat last years trip to A and E hands down.

We have been together 24 years and this was the first holiday we took without the children.

So our epic adventure started on Saturday 2nd May when we took a taxi to the local train station. On arriving at the train station we made our way to platform two for the train to take us down to London St Pancras. Reserved seats but sadly not in first class we started off.I felt a mixture of emotions. I was excited, nervous, worried about the kids (20 and 15) scared.. you name it!!

On arriving in London a couple of hours later we then took the tube to Heathrow to drop off our luggage before we went to our hotel for the night ready for an early start in the morning.  I was like a big kid. I could not take my eyes off the aeroplanes as they were taking off. I had not travelled by air since I was 8 and I am now 42…

So luggage dropped off, we then hopped into a London cab for our short (but slightly expensive) journey to our hotel. Eventually after a little issue with the door key we could finally get into the room and drop off our hand luggage before we found food. Old faithful McDonalds here we come! So after being fed, watered and aching feet after a long walk we zonked. Ready for the next stage!

The next morning, Sunday,  after a shower we climbed on board the shuttle bus to the airport and the butterflies weren’t half flying around my tummy.  We arrived at the airport, collected our luggage and went to check in. This was so easy but I was abit nervous. Once I saw the planes taking off I realised that the moment that we had been waiting for had finally arrived.

We went through all the security and I was amazed at how big everything was. The journey to the airplane was long but luckily we had those travellator thingies to stand on. By now I was ready to sit down but buzzing inside.. I was taking everything in and looking like a complete tourist.. even at the airport. Maybe I should have worn a novice traveller neon vest.

Finally we were allowed to board and I was quite emotional at this point. Nervous, shaking, sweaty palms you name it. Luckily I did not have the nervous tummy I was worried about. I had even looked on the plans for the nearest toilet. LOL.

On sitting down I found great joy in the fact I had a little screen on my seat. Last time I flew we had huge screens at the front of the plane. I planned my watching journey and was sorted. We took off and by golly it was a strange feeling. To think I was flying like Dumbo. It was amazing. I got comfy and in TV watching position and then the food arrived.

Breakfast was pancakes stuffed with cherries and apples for me. There was lots of taste in this. I loved it and wished I could have had seconds. We had no end of drinks not alcohol though. I didn’t want to arrive drunk.  We also had pretzels, well hubby had mine and some sort of chicken pasty. Nom nom.  The stewardess and stewards were fantastic.

The journey was so smooth it did not feel like we were moving. It was fantastic. Sadly the guy who had the window seat closed the blind so we could not look out of the window.

Landing in Canada was awesome. I was, at this point, giddy with giddyness and could not wait to get to our final destination.

It was so hot, gorgeous blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Beautiful. I was so excited. We had arranged a shuttle bus to take us from Toronto Pearson to the hotel. This arrived, sadly with little or no air conditioning, and it drove on the wrong side of thr road. That was so strange!! I got so excited seeing the Canadian flags everywhere. I could not stop looking out of the window. I was like tourist from hell already.

Eventually we landed at the Shearton on the Falls hotel and oh my goodness, it was huge. Nothing like I imagined at all. The staff were so attentive and off we went to our room. We were on the top floor and were lucky to have a window over looking the city. Sadly we could not afford to upgrade to a Falls view.

Bags dropped off and changed we decided to ring the kids or rather Skype them. That was strange hearing their voices and not being in the same country as them but they sounded happy.

Kids called we then decided to go and take a look at the Falls. Oh my! Words cannot describe how beautiful, awesome, gorgeous, fantastic they really are. The sound alone is terrific. I don’t think nothing will take away the first sight of the Falls at all. Just perfection. Mother Nature at her best. The sun was shining and it was like 70 degrees. It could not have been better.

Seeing the Falls we then went to have a gander around. We went to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and I just could not stop gawping at them. I think I must have took thousands of pictures of water. Strange.. it didn’t make me want to go to the loo like running water always did.

We went back to the hotel to get ready for our meal out. We had pre-booked a table at a steak and lobster restaurant called Remingtons. We found the restaurant was located near the hotel and we could see it from our bedroom window.

Well, the food was amazing. First time that I had ever tasted lobster and oh those garlic mashed potatoes were just yummy. The only downside was that one of the waitresses was a singing waitress and proceeded to serenade us with Let it go from Frozen. Mark and I looked at each other and we decided to let it go… back to the hotel with us.

So our first day in Canada was over. I could not believe I was there and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband to arrange this for me.

DAY TWO will be coming up shortly….


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I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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