Goodbye 2014-lessons learnt

Well, I for one can say thank goodness that 2014 has ended a a fresh new year 2015 is starting.

Throughout 2014 we, as a family, had many obstacles to overcome. These were challenging and you can learn new things!!

In 2014,

I learnt that my son is a mature young man. After the incident with his eye, he has shown greater courage than I would have.

I learnt that I can smother people with my over-caring attitude and need to stop being over-protective. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care but allows others to breathe!! I can show I care in other ways that are more productive to us all.

I learnt that I can be strong when the need arises. I can find that inner strength.

I learnt to not plan things. As when I do they go haywire! LOL

I learnt I am not too big to learn from my mistakes or admit to my mistakes.

I learnt little things are sent to try us and can make us a stronger person.

I learnt that my daughter is a strong, capable and organised young lady.

I learnt that my daughter is a caring, loving and giving young lady.

I learnt that my new path is the right path for me personally and I feel more calm and grateful.

I learnt to see the beauty in others and to see the beauty around me.

One of the biggest things I learnt though was that Slash still rocks and I am still a rock chick at heart!


About julieledwards

I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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