Where does the time go??

It does not seem five minutes ago since I first gave birth to my eldest daughter. I never believed anyone when they said how time would fly once you had your children.   No! That would never happen to me and then WHAM! the time has arrived when all three are teenagers,,, how did that happen??? Did I sleep through their childhood??

My eldest is off to University this year. I am so proud of her. She is very talented and brainy although she can lack common sense lol… She is so much like me in some ways but the brains must have come from her dad!

The middle one recently came back from her first trip to Europe. She went on a school trip to Poland and visited Aushwitz. I am so very proud of her for being stronger than I did give her credit for! I should have more faith in her and I apologise for being the worry mum..

The youngest one well… he is like a carbon copy of his dad.. Give him a computer and he is away with the faeries.. he is very talented and it is scary how much he knows about computers..

Looking back I always felt I was a bad mum. That I failed my kids for suffering from depression, for being out at work, for not being there for them.

But in hindsight I think I have done an okay job with the help of their wonderful dad! Okay I am not a perfect mum far from it and there was things I did wrong, heck, they do not come with an instruction booklet but when I look at them I realise how wonderful ,fantastic and amazing they are and I had a hand in that!

I have a great relationship with my children.. I hope that they feel comfortable to talk to myself or their dad if they had any problems and I would always be there for them.

I realise soon I will have to let them fly the nest. Man that is going to be so hard.. but I know that when they do leave home to develop and grow that they will be leaving home knowing their mum and dad loves them and they are the amazing person we know they are.

I love my children and I am so very very proud of them!



About julieledwards

I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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