Strange cats

Our cats must be the strangest things in the whole wide world. Both were rescue cats and from the same house.

Hazel is a  tortiseshell and white cat. She has two black pads and two white pads and appears to have dual personalities. One minute she is as nice as pie and wanting fuss galore, the next minute you look at her and she appears to cower. She is not keen on my husband but loves my son and his friend and plays up for fuss from them, She can spend the day in the girls room with the little fish tank and she wont go near it but with my fish she loves sitting on top of the tank. Yesterday she even bit my eldest daughter who was fussing her. She eats for England (like me lol) and loves sitting on the bonnet of the car. We call her the hood ornament. She is cute as a button but boy can she poop. Hazel loves cardboard boxes, sleeping on the back of the settee and food.

Hazel purrs loudly and snores when she sleeps but for a large cat she has a wimpy meow.

Amber on the other hand is a black cat. She adores my husband to the point of over-affection. She will lick and pad him till the cows came home much to my annoyance.She is very small for her age and can be seen sprouting a few grey hairs. (like me). He can carry her around balanced on his arm and he loves it. She is spoilt. But they both hate cat nip.

Amber is scared of a bad rustling. If you are emptying the shopping or the rubbish she can run a mile. She goes out of the kitchen window and will only come back in at the window. The back door could be open all day and night but she won’t come through it. She sits on the edge of the litter tray as  if to say she does not like the feel of the litter on her paws. She meows for food so loud you would think she had never been fed. She also sits on the floor staring doe eyed at her daddy wanting whatever he is eating.Weird cat.

Amber does not like change. Recently we purchased a new settee and it took her a week to pluck up courage to sit on it. We have brought throws as they have this habit of clawing everything except their scratching post.

We do not let them in our bedroom firstly as I am allergic to their fur/hair and Hazel is a little furball and secondly if we did I doubt hubby would get any sleep.

But we would not be without our little bundles of meow-ness.


About julieledwards

I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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