Not well…

Another moan beckons, but I am writing this with tears rolling down my cheeks after another retching session.. If this chest infection has cleared up why do I still feel like this..

It hurts to cough, I struggle to talk a sentence without coughing, not sleeping, no energy,no interest in anything really.. I am shattered.. I want to do things, I want to go to work but I am struggling to get out of bed or off the sofa..

three courses of antibiotics do not appear to have helped although apparantly the chest infection has now gone.. well tell that to my body as it doesn’t seem to be listening.

The muscle aches, restless legs, the uncomfortable feeling, the gippy tummy. it is horrible. I feel tearful and want to cry all the time. Is this my depression coming back again? Or is it just a symptom of how I am feeling?

I never really understood the dragging your feet through treacle.. but I do now.

Maybe I just feel sorry for myself, Maybe I am really unwell. maybe just recovering from a bad chest infection but I am so fed up with it.

There is so much to do before Christmas but I just do not have the energy to do anything. I am taking multi vitamins too in a hope that they will perk me up. Yeah right..

This is the lowest I have felt ever with an illness or unwellness.

Searching on the internet does not give a timescale to these feelings or symptoms.

I just want to cry myself to sleep!




About julieledwards

I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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