Romantic Gestures

My husband, Mark, is not one for romantic gestures. I am sure he would be the first to admit that. I mean, we don’t even have our own song! But all the years we have been together  I have never received tacky underwear (had some very nice expensive underwear though), a box of cheap chocolates  or a bunch of half-dead flowers from the local garage, but when he does surprise me with a gift of a romantic gesture, it is thoughtful and usually renders me speechless.

For my birthday, the first we shared together, he brought me a lovely Thumper toy. He had listened to me and knew I loved Bambi and Thumper especially. Then he cooked me a meal!! And boy can he cook!!

The first Valentines Day we had together he gave me the most gorgeous bouquet of  flowers. I could not believe that he had gone to the trouble. No other boyfriend had sent me flowers.I must admit, I had them in my bedroom at home and could not stop staring at them and smiling.

The first Easter, I got a whole collection of little eggs. He knew I loved chocolate and he had once again gone out of his way to surprise me but with a random egg off the supermarket shelf but lots of little ones.For a chocoholic such as myself it was the best.

And throughout the years he has gone to a lot of thought for each gift he gave me. From the little soft toy cat I got for when I went for the first scan with our first child, to wrapping the bottle of Chanel No 5 with what seemed like a whole roll of sellotape! Took me ages to get into!! The flowers he sent me when I fought against my phobia of travelling and went to Brighton for a meeting with work on my own to the simpliest things like fetching me some headache tablets when I don’t feel well.

He has also given me the most amazing pieces of jewellery,each holds a very special place in my heart,  which he added to today.  Many years ago when we first got together I brought us a pair of Mizpah pendants. The other week I broke my chain, today he has gone up town even though he is not feeling 100% and replaced the chain as a surprise, it was for Valentines Day but he couldn’t keep it quiet. I am so pleased with it. It has made my weekend.

One Saturday Mark suggested we went up town. I thought it was for a McDonalds, how wrong was I??  We were passing a jewellers and he suggested looking at the rings in the window, the next thing I knew we were inside the shop and getting my engagement ring. I don’t think I spoke for the rest of the day!

When he said we should get married,finally after 13 years together, 3 children and numerous homes and cars, it was another moment that made me speechless, I nearly fell off the kitchen stool. Not exactly the most romantic setting in the kitchen whilst sat at the table but it meant the whole world to me.

I am glad he is not one for romantic gestures and grand gifts every week. Not as though I don’t want to be spoilt rotten but because I know when he does do something he has spent a while thinking and planning and knowing that he has done this for me makes the gifts even more special.


About julieledwards

I am a very busy mum of three. I work full time and finding time for me is always hard. I am going to be blogging about general life issues.
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